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Celebrate Entrepreneur’s Day with us! 🎉

This year we’re partnering with Whale to present the Entrepreneurship Report. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you won’t want to miss this.

We’re hosting a webinar for both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs. During the webinar, we’ll hear from our experts about scaling communications on growing teams and the quest of finding the right suite of digital tools. 💻

Rabbit in a hat—finding the right suite of tools as a new entrepreneur 🐰

15 Nov 11AM CT / 6PM CEST

In this day and age choosing between the overwhelming number of softwares and platforms available to you can be a gargantuan task. If you’re wondering where to start, how to grow your business, or what technology will get you from point A to point B the fastest, this is for you.


  • Isaiah Nolte from Bloom Growth™
  • Gary Vanbutsele from Whale
  • Christian Mongillo from Hubspot

“You’re on mute”—scaling communication on a growing team 🏆

29 November 11AM CT / 6PM CEST

The last few years have brought a lot of change and evolution—especially for entrepreneurs. We’ve seen teams work through hard situations and come out the other side unscathed but we’ve also seen the pitfalls of scaling a team and the silos of communication that can come with it. Wondering how to avoid falling into the pits of bad communication while growing a successful team? Join us for the experienced entrepreneur’s webinar.


  • Alice Kramer from Bloom Growth™
  • Gary Vanbutsele from Whale
  • Nadia Vatalidis from Remote

What to expect during these webinars

Each session will be 50 minutes long. 30 minutes for the presentation on each respective topic and 20 minutes at the end of both sessions for a Q&A. During the Q&A you will have the opportunity to ask your questions answered live by a panel of experts.

The Entrepreneurship Report 📚

We’re proud to partner with Whale to present The Entrepreneurship Report, a report full of insights by entrepreneurs across the globe. We asked entrepreneurs around the world what it means to be successful, the biggest challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve solved their biggest obstacles, and much more.

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One-on-one meeting portal

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Measurables to track each week


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