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The 2022 Bloom Growth™ digest

Dec 28, 2022

2022 brought a lot of change and evolution for our company. As some of you may know, we rebranded to Bloom Growth™ this year and started developing more tools for your company to help you reach your goals faster. Here is your recap of all things Bloom in the past year.

To start from the beginning, for those who have not heard of Bloom;
Bloom Growth is an ecosystem of tools designed to help businesses reach their unique goals more efficiently and with less stress. Because we’ve seen the pitfalls of traditional operating systems or not having one at all. Not having an operating system for your business to run on can bring inconsistency or silos to your communication and confusion in responsibilities. All of this adds up to tasks not getting completed on time. This is where Bloom can help.

Bloom is an ecosystem for the growth of your entire organization. We offer all the tools and flexibility necessary to build the framework you need to build your business. And to be more specific, the Bloom ecosystem includes foundational tools for strategic planning, defining roles and a platform for both Leadership and Departmental teams to have powerful weekly meetings. Our ecosystem will nurture productivity, improve time management and support transparent accountability throughout your organization.

Now, to where we’ve been and where we’re going… Here’s your year recap.

Online events

A link to our most recent online event is now available. Find the recap to part two of our Entrepreneur’s Day celebration with Whale below,

“You’re on mute”—scaling communication on a growing team 🏆

29 November 11AM CT / 6PM CEST

The last few years have brought a lot of change and evolution, especially for entrepreneurs. We’ve seen teams work through hard situations and come out the other side unscathed. However, we’ve also seen the pitfalls of scaling a team and the silos of communication that can come with it. Wondering how to avoid falling into the pits of bad communication while growing a successful team?

In-person events (past)

In-person events are a great way to network with other entrepreneurs like you. If we run into you at an event, please stop us and say hello! We would love to chat and hear your unique perspectives and struggles. You can always find us decked out in our best Bloom Growth fashion. Here are the past events we’ve attended this year. If you have any suggestions for future events you would like to see us at, we would love to hear them! Feel free to send suggestions to our marketing coordinator at

Nashville Tech Council Analytics Summit
September 2022

ROI is the most critical component to any business’s success. Or at least, it would be if business successes were always tangible. Great businesses are usually the product of great KPIs—but truly exceptional businesses are also built on great relationships. The science of measuring Return on Relationship (ROR) throws an intangible wrench into our otherwise cut-and-dry, data-driven business machine—or so we thought. By applying a structured framework to relationship analysis, ROR evolves from an intangible buzzword into a powerful, data-driven tool for investing your time, influence and relevance wisely. In this session, we’ll share actionable ways to draw hard-hitting data from your relationships and how to use those insights to join the ranks of the truly exceptional.

Propelify Innovation Festival
October 2022

If you’re in the innovation community in the northeast, you belong here. Learn from amazing speakers, connect with startups and investors, hire and be hired. Plus, virtual reality, drones, music, and a startup competition—and lots more.

What is an airplane without forward motion and lift? Just an idea.

Female Integrator Mastermind Summit
November 2022

The strategies you learn and the resources you take home can be implemented immediately. That’s because this is the only conference for leaders like you—a growing coalition of women who are executing the business plan, keeping their teams together, and, quite frankly, getting sh*t done.

You’ll get to meet with other Integrators who are dealing with the same struggles and excited by the same things you as well as learn from more seasoned Integrators and EOS® companies.

In-person events (future)

We’re gearing up our luggage and dusting off our best presenting outfits for the new year because we know we’ll be busy! We have one event on the calendar for January and many more in the works for the rest of the year. More information on upcoming events is coming soon. If you have any suggestions for future events you would like to see us at, we would love to hear them! Feel free to send suggestions to our marketing coordinator at

Minnesota Construction Summit
January 17-18 2023

The 2023 Minnesota Construction Summit is the event of the year for the Minnesota construction industry! Featuring inspirational keynote presentations, educational sessions on topics that impact real life in our industry, exhibitors with relevant and vital products and services, and fantastic networking opportunities, this is an industry event not to be missed!

New partnerships

We’re grateful for each one of our partners. Without our partners, we would be one sad and lonely organization. Thank you to each one of our friends, you all make our days brighter! Without further ado, here is a recap and celebration of the new partners we got in 2022.

My Coaches Coach

“Coaches’ Coach offers executives the world’s most effective business coach training and comprehensive system for how to become a business coach. For more than 10 years, Coaches’ Coach has been the industry’s most trusted resource for training on how to acquire and retain business coaching clients, recruit and develop rockstar associate business coaches, and build multi-million dollar business coaching firms that empower business and executive coaches to change the fortune of entrepreneurs while profiting handsomely.” -My Coaches Coach


“We use behavioral analytics and coaching to eliminate the counterproductive behaviors on your team so you can hit your goals, have fun, and earn more. Get help with topics such as:

  • Acquisition Integration
  • Selection & Promotion
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • New Team Acceleration
  • Team Coaching”

Kaplan Consulting

“We guide purpose-driven organizations and communities to hone adaptive strategies, redesign and transform work and nourish a culture that unleashes and celebrates human talent. 

The future of work is now.” -Kaplan Consulting

Learn more about revolutionizing your company culture with Kaplan Consulting.

The exit of EOS

EOS Worldwide has chosen to build its own software, and has chosen to terminate our licensing arrangement. We are required to change our name and remove our terms from the software. While some in our position might view this with frustration, we’ve chosen to view this as a gift, an opportunity. Today, as a result of this termination, we feel more aligned with who we are and have a new-found freedom to share it with you. Today, scarcity has been replaced with abundance and endless possibilities.

This evolution to Bloom Growth™ has, naturally, brought a lot of questions. Our leadership team recently held an open Q&A discussion to answer all your questions about our transition to Bloom. Here is your FAQ page answering all your questions about our new brand.

New features coming

Accessible learning for every member of your organization

Our newest feature, BloomU, is currently in beta testing and our users love it. Here’s a preview of what to expect from our newest member of the Bloom family. 🌱

What is BloomU?

BloomU is an online learning academy dedicated to nurturing every layer of your organization. Here you will find learning paths for core business practices—from running meetings on a leadership level to keeping accountabilities clear and simple.

Integrated software you’ll love to use

Our current software platform is powerful but certainly not very sexy. Our engineers are hard at work coding our beautiful, simple, streamlined new platform. You’ll find the same features and tools you’ve expected and more with a refined user experience. These updates are expected to be released in early 2023, here’s a preview of what to expect: 

  • Workspace/meeting hybrid — have you ever left your Weekly Meeting to go check something in your Workspace? We have. Now you’ll be able to toggle back and forth between where you work and where you meet.
  • Customizable check-in — the meeting leader will have the choice to start the meeting with a traditional check-in or team health ice-breaker to create connection. 
  • Fewer clicks — we’ve rearchitected how you’ll navigate the platform. You’ll be able to do more with fewer clicks in less time.
  • Better project management — you’ll get more choice and control around goals and milestones. Automatically create reminders for incomplete milestones.
  • Data — track your leading indicators in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly cycles. You’ll also get progressive tracking and conditional goals. Add notes in cells and customize how you view all the data in your scorecard.



Merry Christmas and happy new year from all of us here at Bloom. We look forward to continuing to network with you and your organization in the upcoming years. Have a great holiday season!

For more recorded Bloom events from 2022, visit our event calendar recap.


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