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True to our core value, this is optimized meetings.

Growing a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why Bloom streamlines meeting agendas.

Run better




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Run better meetings

Meet like you mean it.

Too many meetings are a waste of time—and for you, time is money. Features in Bloom such as the automated meeting timing for meeting agendas make management easier while saving time by eliminating prep work.

Weekly Meetings

Silos suck the life out of collaboration and your vision. Weekly Meetings in Bloom are designed to break down silos and make meetings fun for a change. 

L 10 Meetings
Same Page Meetings

1:1 Meetings

Make your one-on-one connections more meaningful by having your Issues, Org Chart and embedded Business Plan at your fingertips.


Sometimes it helps to get your thoughts out and put pen to paper. Whiteboard allows you to give live examples, visualize, collaborate and solve problems in real time. 

L 10 Meetings
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Optimize Workflows

Work smarter, not harder.

You work hard enough already. Let Bloom optimize your workflow by taking care of your most time-consuming busywork. It’ll track your To-Do list and keep tabs on outstanding Issues so you can focus on the things that really matter.


Worried something might fall through the cracks? Never fear—important tasks are front-and-center in the intuitive workspace.

To Dos


Tough Issues aren’t so tough when they’re this easy to identify, discuss and solve. Plus, your three hottest Issues automatically rise to the top of your list, so they’re always top-of-mind.


Use Zapier to automate your workday by connecting Bloom to your CRM, Slack, calendar, accounting tools and even more.

To Dos

Measure Success

Assess your success.

 Data is priceless but entering and interpreting it is a pain. What if there were tools that automatically track data and deliver a concise report with metrics that really matter? And what if you had those tools? You can see where we’re going with this.


Regular spreadsheets are a sea of numbers that can hide valuable insights. Metrics in Bloom shine a light on them, so you spot important trends in an instant.



Easily hit all important milestones with features that clearly organize your Goals and help you hold their owners accountable.

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Boost Transparency

Turn confusion into clarity.

When project responsibilities are a guessing game, everyone loses. Add a dose of certainty to your day with Bloom features that promote transparency across your entire organization—and drive action by holding everyone accountable.

Org Chart

What’s worse than two people doing the same job? Neither of them doing it. Thankfully, with the Org Chart in Bloom, everyone’s roles and responsibilities are crystal clear.

Accountability Chart

Business Plan

Are all of your efforts working toward your vision? With your Business Plan prominently displayed for all to see, you’ll never have to wonder again.


Upload and share files with your team, and keep your meeting tools in one convenient place with Docs. You can set permissions to control who sees what.

Accountability Chart

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