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As agile business owners know, to-dos can pop up when you least expect them. Bloom’s meeting organization software allows you to stay prepared anywhere before, during, or after your Weekly Meetings. Centralize your To-Dos in one workspace for enhanced accountability at every level so you never feel like you’re on a different page than the rest of your team.

Take a To-Do in a flash

Capturing To-Dos just got easier. Anyone can take a To-Do, before or during your Weekly Meeting, from anywhere.

Keep your team accountable

The virtual to-do list automatically notifies and reminds every To-Do owner of its presence. If your to-dos go past the due date, they’ll turn red to alert you.

Celebrate completion rates

You don’t need to reach 100 percent to do a victory dance. Once your team completes 90 percent, you’ve hit the threshold for success. Enjoy a virtual fireworks display in your honor.

Boost Your Accountability

Meetings lose value if nothing happens after they’re over. Bloom’s project management software helps you stay on task by making To-Dos easy to use so your team is always right where they need to be.

Capturing To-Dos

Keep your To-Dos top of mind by displaying them within the Weekly Meeting.

  • Use Context-Aware To-Dos: pair a To-Do with an issue, so you’re always in the know
  • Make To-Dos on the go: create a To-Do from your mobile phone at any time
  • Take the initiative: take a To-Do during a Weekly Meeting
  • Emphasize the details: take notes within a To-Do to add clarity

Automized Accountability

Three main ways our task tracking software notifies and reminds To-Do owners:

  • Including them as a part of the meeting summary
  • Sending them in daily email reminders
  • Putting them in the workspace 

At the next Weekly Meeting, outstanding and completed To-Dos are automatically added to the agenda to ensure that each owner is kept accountable.

Context-Aware To-Dos

Often, a  Headline, Goal, Issue, or Metric will lead to a new To-Do. You can eat up valuable meeting time manually inputting details into a new To-Do from scratch.  We’re throwing that extra work out of the window.

Now you don’t need to keep track of all your To-Dos from every meeting in your head. Let Bloom serve as your memory by adding new To-Dos complete with all relevant notes.

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