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product roadmap

What’s up next?

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads—but it never hurts to have a roadmap. Check out our plan for what’s coming in Bloom Growth. Our focus is to create a better product for you.


Weekly meeting

Experience a refreshed weekly meeting with highly requested new features. Learn all about the relevant updates here

Meeting workspaces

Keep your tiles and add data for each meeting in their own separate workspaces. 

Special sessions

Access your special sessions and weekly meetings from the same place. A full revamp and updates coming soon!

In development

Business plan

See your goals, share your vision, and focus your resources.

Custom workspace

Manage and customize tiles across multiple meetings at the same time from one place and with fewer clicks.

Mobile app

Manage your headlines, to-dos, and issues from anywhere at all times. More—and bigger—updates to come soon!

Weekly meeting improvements

We’re using your feedback to make your weekly meetings even better—think bug fixes, enhanced functionality, better app responsiveness, and more.

Up next

Org chart

Keep accountability high with a fresh-looking org chart. But we’re not stopping there. More features will be coming soon.

For now, the workspace, business plan, and any other features not listed here are available in the beta experience but still use the legacy version.

Tell us which feature you’d like to see next!