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Meeting summaries—automated.

Meeting minutes

Streamline the process of meeting follow-ups with Bloom Growth™ Meeting minutes. From detailed next steps to Issues solved, you can easily keep information discussed in meetings relevant to get tasks completed faster.


  • Handy list of all To-do’s made during the meeting
  • Recap of Issues solved during the meeting
  • Keeps all relevant information from your meetings ready at a glance
  • All relevant information is in one place for easy access
  • Summary of meeting rating, To-do completion rate, and more to give a view of the meeting’s success

The Meeting Minutes email

1. Virtual meeting summary

Get swift access to metrics collected during your Weekly Meeting—from Issues solved to To-do completion rate and more. Completely automated and at your fingertips immediately.

2. To-do list

Set things in motion with a detailed list of all upcoming To-dos sorted by team member and prioritized by due date.

3. People headlines

See all People headlines from the meeting included in your Meeting Minutes. All the information you want, always within reach.

4. Issues solved

The last section of the email recap is a summary of the Issues solved. These are organized in chronological order of when they were solved, complete with all notes, links and the person responsible for that Issue.

Relevant information in one place

Get all relevant information for the next week in your inbox. All upcoming To-do’s and any notes from the last meeting can be found in your automated Meeting Minutes email.

More completion—less stress

With every member having access to the necessary tools for growth, you and your team will get more done with less stress.

Work proactively, not reactively

Make every meeting more productive than the last with easy access to all the metrics your team needs to improve.

Get help anywhere, anytime

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