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Run better meetings

The new weekly meeting

Experience a meeting solution ingeniously crafted for teams craving growth, offering a highly customized experience tailored to your unique needs.

Customize and simplify

Cut through the noise with customizable interfaces and real-time collaboration tools—making meetings a breeze. So customizable it’s compatible with any business operating system.
Board Meetings

Align your team

Go beyond information sharing—uncover obstacles and identify opportunities, fostering a unified team that’s not only aligned in purpose and direction but also empowered to tackle challenges head-on.

Prioritize and execute

Optimized for peak leadership team efficiency, our platform includes sophisticated tools for prioritizing and executing tasks, enabling you to refine your workflow and concentrate on the key elements that drive your organization’s growth.

Compatible with more than 20 business operating systems

Our interface is so customizable, so user-friendly, that it works with any growth framework. Love us or your money back. That’s our guarantee.

Build your bank of trust

Our meeting platform allows for both traditional check-ins and engaging ice breakers, building rapport within your team and paving the way for meaningful conversations that drive success. Cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

Keep a strategic eye on your numbers

With weekly, monthly, and quarterly tracking, you can enhance your strategic oversight by enabling precise tracking of custom metric goals. This includes seasonal trends and yes/no metrics, empowering your organization with the insights needed to achieve sustained growth.

A big plus+

The big plus button and “create a quick…” feature help facilitate agile management by enabling participants to swiftly add headlines, issues, or to-dos, streamlining the workflow and boosting productivity.

Collaborate in real time

Real-time meeting notes ensure all participants are on the same page, and enhanced line charts help engage visual thinkers on the team, together enhancing collaboration and efficiency during discussions.

Prioritize issues with impact

Our prioritization methods, such as star voting and priority voting, efficiently streamline decision-making processes, ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed promptly and effectively, aligning with our commitment to enhancing organizational productivity and success.

Give and get feedback for growth

Conclude meetings with team ratings and written feedback, incorporating these insights into your meeting summary for a comprehensive review and action planning.

Connect at every level of your organization

Board meetings

Engage your team with a meeting agenda that keeps them focused on the bigger picture.

Team meetings

Connect with your team to get aligned on projects, remove blockers, and find areas of opportunity.

Leadership meetings

Get aligned on strategic decisions and boost your team’s performance to reach your goals faster.

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