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Consistent, streamlined franchise management

Bloom is proud to partner with franchise leaders to support and elevate their business goals. From laying the foundation to limitless training and support, you, in collaboration with our team, can streamline business operations while making time for what matters most: nurturing your business.

Why Bloom?

Standardize your business methodology

Boost productivity and efficiency with a consistent experience from franchise to franchise. With Bloom, all franchisees will have access to the same tools, allowing your team to speak the same language across all business units.

Easily identify wins and opportunities

All crucial business information is at your fingertips—from high-level overviews to detailed data stories. With each franchise reporting metrics, progress and goals in the same platform, identifying what’s working (or what’s not) is simple.

Free accounts for the brand franchisor

Set your franchisees up for success with expert guidance in establishing your franchise foundation, from brand-specific metrics to a custom organizational chart and business plan. As part of this, you get a free-forever Bloom account.

Personalized accounts

Create a Workspace that enables you to reach your brand’s goals. Edit meeting agendas, measure goal progress and identify opportunities with a fully customizable account.

What happens next?

1. Are we the right fit?

Schedule a no-commitment discovery call to learn more about us while sharing your objectives.

2. Develop baseline materials.

With your assistance, our team will lay the foundation for your Bloom rollout, including creating and optimizing your toolkit.

3. Get unlimited support.

All franchise accounts come with limitless support. If your team needs support, you can reach us through email, call and chat—and we’ll respond ASAP. 



Ready, partner?

If you’re ready to discuss how Bloom can best support your organizational goals, so are we. Choose the time that works best for you, and we’ll be there.

About us

Andy Schmidt
our in-house franchise expert

Andy’s passion is in identifying and solving challenges for customers. Andy is always in search of ways to optimize the customer experience by making it better, more efficient and, most importantly, scalable. Whether you are a franchise developer, franchisor or a franchisee, your success is always first and foremost for Andy and his team. Andy has an eclectic professional background, which gives him unique insights to look at challenges in ways others might not. 

What other franchises say about us

“Having a Brand template allows us to fine-tune what we want our Zee’s account to look like from the day they first sign in. That consistency across our Brand has been a huge time saver and a total game-changer.”

Ryan Brown, Chief People Officer
HorsePower Brands


“The way Bloom Growth structured our corporate account has positioned us to easily scale and grow our existing Brands and add new Brands in the future. Each Brand has a dedicated account, so we now have the right people in the right places, allowing them to focus specifically where needed and still giving leadership the ability to engage across all the Brand accounts. Genius.”

Tony Hulbert, CEO
HorsePower Brands


Run Better Meetings

Weekly Meetings

Team meeting portal

One-on-one Meetings

One-on-one meeting portal

Texting Actions

Capture items from your phone


Visualize and give live examples of your ideas

Meeting Minutes

Meeting summaries—automated

Measure Success


Measurables to track each week


Goals to complete each quarter

Optimize workflows


Items to complete each week


Identify issues so you can solve them

Zapier Integration

Connect with your favorite platforms


Business education for every layer of your organization

Promote Transparency

Org Chart

Company functions and roles

Business Plan

Company and department vision and traction


Keep your company documents in one convenient place

Process documentation

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