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HorsePower Brands boosts franchisee business success with Bloom Growth


Written by
Andy Schmidt, Cassandra Icenhour

5 min read

August 31, 2023


Company name
HorsePower Brands

Interviewee name and job title:
Tony Hulbert, CEO

HorsePower Brands, a franchisor that entered the home service industry in 2019, was looking for franchise management software. Their ideal business operating system? One that would allow them to effectively manage and collaborate with their franchisees and provide integrative tools to help them achieve maximum business success. Bloom Growth’s Franchise Growth System™ is just the tool they needed.

“Every time we identified an issue, Bloom Growth found a solution that would work within the franchisor and franchisee space,” says Tony Hulbert, CEO of HorsePower Brands.

“This is an extensively customizable system with many elements that didn’t exist until we partnered with Bloom Growth. They heard what we needed and found a way to get us there every time. For example, the ability for our team to move seamlessly between any account is priceless.”

“One of our core values is execution,” says Tony Hulbert, CEO of HorsePower Brands. “We talk about the fact that 1% of what we do is the vision, and 99% is the execution. Bloom Growth is our software tool to hold us accountable to our core value—execution.”

Constructive support for franchisees was in short supply across the industry.

HorsePower Brands is a portfolio company of franchise brands, delivering best-in-class customer service and franchisee experiences. The company was founded by an ownership group with decades of franchisor and franchisee involvement—and decades of frustration with the lack of support available from franchisors. Their goal was to responsibly grow and support franchisees through a platform focused on operational excellence and accountability.

Maximum success is a joint effort between zors and zees.

To fuel their own success, the HorsePower team’s goal was to coach each of its franchisees on how to run a successful business. This meant focusing on how to maximize productivity, collect meaningful data for business-building insights, clarify and align business plan goals to monitor success, and ensure accountability.

To do this, they needed an easy-to-use, scalable system that could facilitate onboarding and training—a system that offered transparency and could provide key data points for franchisor reports. Our brand coaches can check in on a franchisee before a coaching call making that call proactive and 99% focused on their needs.

 “You can start a roofing company and go through all the training to learn how to install a roof,” says Tony Hulbert, CEO of HorsePower Brands. “But [at that time] there wasn’t enough training for franchisees on how to simply operate a business day to day. A franchisor will grow its own enterprise more effectively if they help franchisees run their businesses better—their success is our success.” 


Bloom Growth equipped HorsePower with the franchise management system they needed.


HorsePower knew they could achieve these goals with the help of Franchise Growth System™, a comprehensive business software that combines a powerful meeting portal, business plan organizers, team collaboration tools, goal trackers, and accountability boosters.


Equally important—the team at Bloom Growth became a partner, working tirelessly to ensure that the business operating system met all of HorsePower’s needs. Every time we identified an issue, Bloom Growth found a solution that would work within the franchisor and franchisee space,” says Tony. “This is an extensively customizable system with many elements that didn’t exist until we partnered with Bloom Growth. They heard what we needed, and they found a way to get us there every time.” 

Bloom Growth is an ecosystem that leads to greater productivity, better time management, and greater accountability, all made possible in one easy-to-use software:

  • Franchise Foundation™ – Create a custom template for your brand to be used when onboarding new franchisees. This guarantees they are focused on the right metrics, goals, and to-dos from day one allowing your coaches to easily train and identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate wins. Proactive vs reactive.

  • From KPIs to measurables, Bloom manages complex metrics with ease. Important data is displayed and shared automatically. This helps users quickly understand essential metrics and identify trends in a display that can be customized to fit their needs.

  • Stay on track with the to-dos completion tracker, which automatically sends a status update to every to-do owner.

  • One of the most important measures of success is how efficiently and effectively organizations tackle major issues. With the Bloom Growth meeting organization tool at your disposal, you’re able to address the root problem head-on. 

  • Ensure accountability with an easily accessible org chart, used to create and modify a company’s organizational structure and effectively communicate who’s responsible for what.

  • One-on-one meetings boost productivity by generating meeting agendas and allowing issues to be created, updated, and closed in real time.

  • When goals are transparent and the team is strategically aligned, success becomes easier. The business plan organizer, built right into Bloom, effectively defines and tracks goals, keeping everyone on the same page.

  • The Zapier integration shares information between apps such as Google Calendar, Salesforce, CoSchedule, and Asana—this means less time lost to monotonous data entry tasks and more time spent on your priorities.

The benefits of the Bloom Growth solution are immediately clear.

When new franchisees come on board with HorsePower and are introduced to Bloom Growth, they see the advantages right away. A brief training session shows franchisees how easy it is to use the Franchise Growth System™.

“We believe that Bloom Growth is one of the unique differentiators that allows our franchisees to be better business owners and to keep their businesses operating efficiently,” says Tony. “You run a better business when you deal with issues, you’re on task, and accountabilities are tracked using a software such as Bloom Growth.”

And HorsePower leads by example—all 212 employees in multiple departments and companies use Bloom Growth to conduct meetings, track to-do’s, and hold themselves accountable for short- and long-term goals. Any issues that arise can be discussed within the software, allowing for quick resolutions.  Bloom makes it easy to prioritize what matters most to their business.

“One of our core values is execution,” says Tony. “We talk about the fact that 1% of what we do is the vision and 99% is the execution. Bloom Growth is our software tool to hold us accountable to our core value—execution.”

 HorsePower strongly believes that Bloom Growth allows them and their franchisees to achieve better results, which translates to higher topline growth, increased revenue, and increased profits. It’s simply a smart way to run a business.

About HorsePower Brands

HorsePower Brands began in 2019 when franchise veterans Josh Skolnick and Zach Beutler joined forces. They believe that accountability starts with ownership, and that’s why they have a controlling interest in all the brands under the HorsePower banner. Every aspect of selling a franchise opportunity and supporting franchise owners is handled under one roof, using detailed and transparent franchise development strategies. These strategies allow the company to responsibly award franchise opportunities to the right people and ensure they can achieve their financial goals through business ownership.

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