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One-on-one meeting portal

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Meeting summaries—automated

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Measurables to track each week


Goals to complete each quarter

Optimize workflows


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Identify issues so you can solve them

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optimize workflows


One of the most important measures of success is how efficiently and effectively organizations tackle major issues. When you have a meeting organization tool at your disposal, you’re able to address the root problem head-on. Turn big problems into bigger solutions with Bloom’s agenda organizer.

Add Issues on the go

Use Texting Actions and Context-Aware Issues to add Issues at a moment’s notice—anytime, from anywhere. Easily view them in your team’s workspace and weekly meetings.

Systematize your Issues

Say goodbye to messy Issues Lists: organize your list by priority and owner. The top three items will automatically jump to the top.

Next-level problem solving

 Attach detailed notes, take To-Dos, move an issue to another meeting and close an issue—all from the same spot.


Get to the root cause

Bloom’s meeting software makes online meetings more effective and more organized than ever before. Add Issues on the fly from your phone or at any point in any meeting.

No need to wonder how things are going. You’ll always know precisely how many Issues your team solved by the end of each meeting. Use the number of solved Issues to pat your team on the back or figure out what needs to change.

New issues in no time with Context-Aware Issues

Don’t interrupt the flow of your meeting over an Issue. Instead, add it to the Issues List with just one click. Context-Aware Issues will automatically pull in relevant information and notes for you.

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