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Happy Entrepreneur’s Day! National Entrepreneur’s Day is celebrated on the 15th of November, 2022. Entrepreneurs are much of the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. So the Bloom Growth™ team wants to celebrate entrepreneurs everywhere for their grit, perseverance and contribution together with our friends at Whale. 🔥

The history of Entrepreneur’s Day

It was Siamak Taghaddos who started a petition in 2010 to start celebrating National Entrepreneur’s Day. He launched a Twitter campaign to convince President Obama to devote a national day to entrepreneurs. Even though the United States is concerned the most entrepreneurial country in the world, there was no day recognizing the hard work they do and their contributions to our economy. Six months and thousands of signatures later, President Obama declared that National Entrepreneur’s Day is celebrated on a chosen day in November. 

Who is an entrepreneur? 

In the United States, 55% of adults have been entrepreneurs at some point in their lives and 26% have started at least two businesses. But who are these people? The word “entrepreneur” comes from French and roughly translates to “the one who undertakes.” Dictionaries define an entrepreneur as someone who organizes and manages any enterprise with considerable initiative and risk. 

Many of you will agree that the most common trait of entrepreneurs is that they are risk-takers. It takes courage to start a business and perseverance to keep going when things might not go as planned. 

“Small business and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of our economy and help innovate a new way of living. It’s about more than ‘just’ creating jobs: it’s about livelihoods and solving real-world problems. They are the true heroes of the story” – Megan Mayfield, Director of Marketing @ Bloom Growth™ 

Let’s celebrate! 

We wanted to take not a moment or a day, but a month to celebrate all the entrepreneurs out there. Your grit, perseverance and continuous contributions are the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. Entrepreneurs are the reason so many of us can enjoy products and services every day. These products and services were brought into life by their vision for and drive. While National Entrepreneur’s Day this year happens on November 15th, we wanted to celebrate entrepreneurship as a way of life. 

Rabbit in a hat–finding the right suite of tools as a new entrepreneur

15th November 2022 11AM CST / 6PM CEST 

In this day and age, choosing between the overwhelming number of software and platforms available to you can be a gargantuan task. If you’re wondering where to start, how to grow your business, or what technology will get you from point A to point B quicker, this is for you.


Isaiah Nolte from Bloom Growth™
Gary Vanbutsele from Whale
Christian Mongillo from Hubspot

Check out the recording

The state of entrepreneurship report by Whale and Bloom Growth™ 

As entrepreneurs, we want to be there for each other. We’ve surveyed
both the Bloom Growth™ and Whale entrepreneurial communities to
understand your challenges and unique perspectives. This report
includes insights from entrepreneurs like yourself from all over the
world. Get your hands on your copy now. 

Download the report        Download the summary

“You’re on mute”–scaling communication on a growing team

29th of November 2022 11AM CST / 6PM CEST

The last few years have brought a lot of change and evolution—especially for entrepreneurs. We’ve seen teams work through hard situations and come out the other side unharmed, but we’ve also seen the pitfalls of scaling a team and the silos of communication that can come with it. Wondering how to avoid falling into the pits of bad communication while growing a successful team? We’ll let you in on our secret sauce for communicating. There are still some seats available for this webinar!


Alice Kramer from Bloom Growth™
Gary Vanbutsele from Whale
Nadia Vatalidis from Remote