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The URL of our platform is changing

Oct 14, 2022

Our team at Bloom Growth™ has been working hard to revamp our platform to help your team blossom. Not only are we launching our platform with a different URL, but we’re also in the process of creating a new ecosystem for the growth and health of your entire team—we’ll tell you more about this later on! 

Between October 20 and October 31 you will receive an email and an in-app notification with quick instructions on how to log into your account using the URL for the Bloom Growth platform. Keep an eye on your inbox and the dashboard of your Bloom Growth account.

What does this transition mean for you?

We’ve done all the leg work for you! All you’ll have to do is log in using the same username and password you use for your Traction® Tools account. 

Our team is setting up your Bloom Growth™ account, which means that once you log in, you will be able to keep running meetings, tracking Goals and Metrics, and using all of the other tools you know and love from your existing account. It really is that easy!

Will there be changes in the new platform?

Our team is working diligently to create a new software experience for you! While significant changes to improve the look and functionality of the software will come later down the road, for now, you can expect to see the new terms in the platform and other minor changes, like the Bloom Growth logo. 

If you work with a specific operating system, you can customize the terms in your meeting agenda following the steps in this helpful article

Have questions? Reach out to our support team here.


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