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The business secrets you keep—best practices for productivity with Regis Snyder


Feb. 27, 2024, time 11 AM CT


Regis Snyder, Scott Solter

What we’ll cover

Ruthless prioritization

Leverage key tools to prioritize high value work and allocate the time to get more of the right things done.

Best practices

Get equipped with tips from our very own leadership team to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Productivity tools

Discover how Bloom Growth can help you and your team reach new heights with our ecosystem for growth.

Enhance your productivity

Learn how to optimize your workflow and eliminate redundancies with tools created to help you and your team succeed.

Achieve your goals

Our tried and tested techniques and methodologies will help you reach your goals seamlessly and effectively.

Our ecosystem for growth

Discover the benefits of our online business tools to help you eliminate time-consuming, monotonous tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

Our hosts

Regis Snyder

With 30 years of sales experience, Regis has sat front row to many productivity methodologies—the good, the bad, and the ugly. During that time, he discovered the best approach to productivity—a business secret he will share in this webinar. Laced in his talk, you may hear about his wife, whom he’s been married to for 16 years, or his love for theater, sports, and music.

Scott Solter

Many years as chief revenue officer provided Scott with extensive experience with sales, marketing, and customer service. Now head of revenue at Bloom Growth, Scott’s foremost goal is to amplify the strengths of each team member and supercharge revenue growth. A natural storyteller, you may hear about Scott’s family or his treasured memories of the West Coast.