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This Little Bloom Growth Hack Will Boost Your Weekly Productivity

Oct 31, 2019

Bloom Growth is more than just a meeting agenda—it’s a meeting software that boosts your team’s productivity between meetings to help your business get to the next level. Want to get even greater results from Bloom Growth? All it takes is keeping your Workspace open. Yep, that’s it! Keep your Workspace open throughout the day and you’ll find your personal productivity—and your effectiveness as a manager—skyrocketing.

I keep my Workspace open all day, every day. It’s a home base to add Issues as they come up, check the status of Goals and Metrics, and manage my To-Dos. And simply keeping the Workspace open throughout the day results in incredible productivity. 

Surprised? It makes sense when you think about it. 

Boost Your Personal Productivity

As Gino Wickman says, what gets measured gets done. If something isn’t continually in front of me, there’s no guarantee I’ll do it. But when I keep my Workspace open, I get 90 to 100 percent of my To-Dos done every week — often within 24 hours. They’re right there in front of me, front and center. If I have a Rock that’s off-track, it’s staring at me all day. That’s great motivation to get that Rock back on track.

The Workspace gives you the opportunity to create that constant reminder for yourself. If you find an extra half hour in your day, you can take care of that To-Do that’s been staring at you since 9 am.

Every single time I cross off a To-Do in the Workspace, I get a rush of satisfaction. There’s nothing like seeing one more item on that list getting knocked out. Personally, I like to gamify it and see how much of my list I can cross off every week.

It’s not just me, either. Our clients are discovering the benefits of keeping the Workspace open all day, too. I coach female Integrators on using Bloom Growth, and they often come back saying, “Holy cow, I had no idea how much my own productivity would increase.” 

Vy is one of our newest employees. At her previous job, Vy used a notebook to keep track of tasks and meeting notes. When she came to Bloom Growth, she started to see the benefit of using the Workspace for her daily work. “I like to plan for my day,” she said. “I open up the software and look through my To-Dos to see if there’s anything I need to do for the week. Being a remote employee, keeping Bloom Growth open helps me be more proactive and productive, because I know — and everybody else knows —  we’re accountable for these tasks. People are counting on me.”

Lead and Manage Like a Boss

Keeping the Workspace open doesn’t just boost my productivity — it makes me a better leader and manager, too. I have a separate Workspace set up for each department, and I use them to hold my direct reports accountable for how they’re leading and managing their departments. 

By customizing a Workspace for each department, I can:

  • View their Issues List. Are they solving the highest-value Issues? Do they even raise Issues? 
  • See their To-Do completion. Are they completing 90 percent of their To-Dos? Is anyone consistently not getting their To-Dos done?
  • Monitor their Metrics. What are their trends? Are they hitting their numbers?

I don’t check the departments’ Workspaces every day, but it’s a great way to keep my finger on the pulse of my direct reports. I use it in the One-on-One Meetings with my direct reports and coach them to help their managers succeed.

It’s been huge for the company. Our team’s productivity has increased exponentially. I see projects getting done faster. At the time I’m writing this, we’re already completing Goals and we aren’t even halfway through the quarter.

Better Results Every Week

You can get greater results every week, too, and the best part is that it doesn’t take extra effort. You can’t beat that! Try it out this week: customize your own Workspace, and build one out for every department you manage. Only include the tiles that you need to monitor — the rest is just a distraction. You’ll see greater productivity in no time!

Not using Bloom Growth yet? Get started now for free!


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