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Do personality quizzes belong in the workplace?

Aug 13, 2020

Did you ever stay up late taking quizzes to find out what U.S. city to visit on vacation or what kind of bread you are? If you did (it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone!), you totally understand how fun it can be to use random questions to learn a bit more about yourself.

Unlike finding out whether you’re a bagel or baguette, professional personality quizzes are a lot more in-depth, so they can be really helpful in a business setting. We’ve outlined some of the top ways personality quizzes can help your business.

3 Benefits of Workplace Personality Tests

1. Personality quizzes can help employees utilize their strengths

We often ascribe certain personality traits to specific job positions. The problem is, it’s not always easy to know if you hired someone for the right position. Maybe the person you hired for that tech-heavy position has a lot of technical experience, but it’s only because they haven’t been able to find roles that allow them to tap into their natural creativity. Knowing what their strengths are can allow you to pivot their role – depending on the fluidity of your organization – so their natural abilities have room to shine.

Not only will encouraging your employees to lean into their passions help them enjoy coming to work every day, but your company will run smoother having the right people do the job that’s most suited for them.

2. Certain combinations of personalities create better team dynamics

Let’s say you work at a marketing agency. In order to be successful, you need to provide clients with a team that has a diverse range of talents, including the ability to write captivating copy, design eye-catching graphics, and provide effective data analysis. If all three of those positions are filled with people whose personalities make analyzing & communicating data come more naturally than creative tasks, they may not have the depth and breadth of skills to keep your client base happy.

It’s up to you as an employer to set your employees up for success. For example, a naturally data-minded individual isn’t going to excel in their role as easily if they’re hired in a predominantly creative position. Knowing where strengths lie will streamline the training process.

3. Communication is better when you understand a person’s communication style

Some people love jumping right into tough conversations. It helps them learn and grow, and overcoming the challenge makes them feel accomplished. Other people might need more time to prepare for challenging conversations and prefer the space they need to make sure they get it right the first time. These two types of people absolutely NEED to understand each other’s communication styles to work together effectively and respectfully.

A lot of people may think they communicate one way, but actually have a polar opposite communication style. That’s okay! The trick is taking the time to uncover the truth. Providing workplace personality assessments can help teammates understand how they interact with each other, effectively boosting communication throughout the company.

Workplace Personality Assessments are just one part of the puzzle

We’ve gone over a few of the most important reasons to consider having your team members take a personality quiz. With that being said, it’s always important to remember that no test result can help you get to know every single part of a person.

Be careful not to put your employees in boxes based solely on their test results. Don’t forget to spend time with them. Ask how they’re doing (and listen). While personality quizzes are a great starting point for getting to know your employees, nothing replaces the benefits of getting to know them through good old fashioned personal interaction.


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