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Bloom Growth™ is committed to finding and promoting the most valuable professional development resources out there—both for our clients and partners and for our awesome internal team. And when we checked out the Disruptive Successor Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Goldhill, we had the coveted “aha” moment. 


“The Disruptive Successor Show is a podcast for next-generation leaders in family businesses and entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the status quo to grow their business and take it to the next level.”  —Goldhill Group


Disruptive Successor acts as a knowledge hub for industry powerhouses, thought leaders and actionable business strategies. Keeping the theme of evolving in business top-of-mind, the show shares inspiration, advice and resources for addressing multiple business challenges, from branding and innovation to business operations and wealth management.


Every Tuesday, across all streaming platforms, Goldhill talks with family, construction and related service-based industry guests to share game-changing insight on how you can become a Disruptive Successor in your organization.

Who is Jonathan Goldhill?


Goldhill is the host of Disruptive Successor, and a business coach, consultant, business advisor and author of Disruptive Successor: A Guide to Driving Growth in Your Family Business.

In 1986, Goldhill’s passion for organizational growth strategies began. That year, his grandfather and brothers ceased operation of the nation’s largest men’s suit manufacturing company—without a succession plan. 

Since then, Goldhill’s spark has grown into a burning drive to help family business owners and entrepreneurs navigate through unique business challenges such that they can be handed off to the next generation. 


Goldhill graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, allowing him to embark on a career of doing business the “right” way. 



Goldhill has been advising, coaching and consulting family-owned and entrepreneur-led businesses since 1989 and proudly coached several Inc. 5000 and local business journal fastest-growing companies as clients, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. For all of his clients, Goldhill promises to 2-10x revenues, profits and business value while reducing their stress levels as he coaches them to enjoy the journey and freedom of being a business owner and entrepreneur.  


As a serial entrepreneur, Goldhill has spearheaded ventures in various industries, including art, clothing, a holistic health lifestyle magazine, trade shows and shoe manufacturing. And to top it all off, he has led several non-profits to national recognition.


Goldhill’s passion for helping entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses extends beyond day-to-day or even month-to-month challenges; he also specializes in business growth strategies, strategic planning, scaling up, succession and exit planning. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and family businesses alike grow and flourish—and it comes through in Disruptive Successor. 

What is Disruptive Successor?

The Disruptive Successor Podcast is all about taking businesses to the next level.

This podcast touches on a variety of business challenges, including:  

  • Handling conflict
  • Succession planning
  • Business operations
  • The importance of KPIs
  • Wealth management & bonus plans
  • Leadership & Coaching


Episodes of Disruptive Successor are designed for cross-generation listeners, ranging from Generation Z and Y to Baby Boomers. With episodes like “Measuring leadership and coaching effectiveness,” and “Business succession and planning,” listeners receive key insight into leading, managing and maintaining a successful family- or entrepreneur-led structure. 


Each podcast guest has a unique approach and is hand-selected by Goldhill himself to engage in a 30-40 minute casual conversation. Guests range from advisors, consultants, coaches and firms to multi-generational family business owners and heads of university family business programs.


No matter what generation you’re part of, or where you are in your career, this podcast is something new, exciting and most definitely disruptive in all the right ways. 

If you’re as excited about this show as we are, you can listen to the discussions Goldhill and his guests have every Tuesday on all streaming platforms.