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Document, share, collaborate!

Whether you’re organizing key documentation, creating a job description or sharing a proposal, Bloom’s document management system, Docs, is just one click away.

Save and share files

Upload documents, organize them into folders and cascade them to your team using intuitive, permissions-based sharing. With Docs, your team is always on the same page—making collaboration that much easier.

Streamline documentation

Struggling to stay organized is a thing of the past. Using Docs, you can share information in the same platform you use to track measurables, manage to-dos and run meetings.

Access Docs with one click

Accessing your documents is easier than ever. Simply click on the Docs button on the top navigation bar of your  workspace to start documenting and sharing new and exciting projects.

One vision shared with your team

Unify your vision and unite your team by sharing quarterly print-outs, meeting summaries and more. With Docs, getting aligned isn’t just easy; it’s fun, too!

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