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14-Day Process Challenge

Nov 17, 2022

Our partner Whale launched a challenge to help you scale your business

Are you a business owner who wants to win back time? Or wants to help your teams and business scale faster? Do you want to have more consistency in your business?

If so, keep reading; this is for you.

Our partner, Whale, is organizing a 14-day Process challenge starting on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

But who cares about Process?

Putting out fires, and working in an unstructured setting costs time and money, decreasing operating efficiency and not to mention consistency.

Process help keep teams on the same page, they improve consistency and reduce ramp-up time for new employees.

The bottom line is that they help companies;

  • stay competitive
  • increase responsiveness to customers
  • improve employee productivity
  • improve return on investment

Okay, so we know process is a winning formula!

But creating processes and SOPs is hard right?

No, it’s for this reason that our friends at Whale put together a 14-day Process Challenge. The team at Whale promises that in just 14-days you can have your company processes documented, shared, AND measured!

How does it work?

The price to participate is $99 and will cover the full challenge. This includes a daily video every day for 14 days AND free access to the entire Whale software.

Apart from the 14 daily videos, you’ll get templates, the book Process!, free access to the Whale software, private coaching, 2 live webinars, and a certificate of completion! It ALSO includes;

  • Process templates
  • Process! e-book / audio book
  • Free access to Whale software
  • Private coaching group
  • 2x Live QA coaching webinars
  • 1x Certificate of completion
  • 14 video lessons

Participants can decide to stay on and use Whale (if they didn’t before), or they can download all their processes and “leave” the Whale platform, with no obligation.


Who should join the process challenge?

Join the challenge if you’re

  • Tired of chaos in your team and/or business
  • Everyone on the team does things differently
  • No one knows where to access information
  • You lose time every time you onboard new hires
  • You have a high employee turnover
  • Your business may fall to pieces if a key team member leaves
  • Your business has hit a glass ceiling

I’m in! How can I join? 

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up to register for the challenge with the code BGCHALLENGE
  3. And you’ll be good to go starting the 5th of December


We, as the team at Bloom Growth™, will also be participating in the 14-day challenge along with you!


To learn more about the challenge, click the button below.


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