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14-Day Process Challenge

14-Day Process Challenge

Our partner Whale launched a challenge to help you scale your business Are you a business owner who wants to win back time? Or wants to help your teams and business scale faster? Do you want to have more consistency in your business? If so, keep reading; this is...

boy in a business suit with a jetpack | get more value from your company’s annual planning meeting
5 Tips to get the most out of your company’s annual planning meeting

5 Tips to get the most out of your company’s annual planning meeting

Annual planning gives you the chance to dream big dreams for your company—to imagine what’s possible and to reach for the moon. Annual planning can be a time for celebrating the past year’s wins and getting excited about moving forward with the next phase of your business strategy. Unfortunately, annual planning can also be a frustrating, stressful time. There might be disagreements, pet priorities, and LONG days of unending, exhausting discussion.

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