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How to get your teammates on the same page

Oct 15, 2020

One of the best things you can do to boost the success of your organization is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Nothing stumps productivity more than everyone working toward different goals.

The good news? There are ways you can structure your processes to make sure meetings run smoothly and things get done!

1. Streamline your meetings

When you structure your meetings using Bloom Growth online meeting software, you won’t need to scramble to put together a cohesive and effective meeting agenda. You’ll be able to enter into each meeting with the confidence that everyone there knows the goal(s) right off the bat, so you’re not wasting any meeting time getting everyone on the same page.

The Weekly Meeting feature in Bloom Growth provides an awesome opportunity to bridge the gap between leadership and their teams, and allows coworkers to more effectively work together.

2. Solve your Issues more easily 

The issues list in Bloom Growth can be an important tool for gathering and prioritizing your most important issues, all in one online spot!

If there are more items on the list than you have time for, simply prioritize issues in order of importance to everyone in the group. This is a great way to understand where your team’s concerns lie, and will allow you to move forward with solutions more effectively.

3. Take notes

Have you ever had an incredible meeting, only to realize you’ve forgotten most of what was said the second you get back to work? You’re not alone. It’s incredibly common for people to lose sight of what was discussed during a meeting due to multiple priorities or packed schedules of other meetings. This leads to backtracking, repetition and frustration.

Instead of racking your brain for all the important things covered in your meetings, you can take notes and Context-Aware To-Dos right within the meeting portion of Bloom Growth, so you don’t need to track them down later. The best part is you can share your notes with all attendees after each meeting.

Keeping clear, concise notes on everything accomplished in the meeting is a great way to keep everyone on track.

4. Have regularly scheduled meetings

Checking in with each other on a regular basis helps move projects forward and keeps everyone on the same path toward success.

Keeping open and ongoing communication both in and outside of your regular meetings is important for success. If people have questions or things fall off track, you can easily address these issues in your meetings to determine the best way to move forward.

5. Welcome honest feedback

Despite all the benefits of having regular structured meetings, they can sometimes fall flat. But that’s okay! Giving feedback to teammates can be hard sometimes, but it’s necessary to continue growing and moving forward.

Bloom Growth prompts all meeting attendees to rate each meeting on a scale of 1 to 10. This gives meeting attendees an opportunity to learn whether the meeting was effective for everyone involved. Be open to hearing about why people might have rated it less than 10, and use that information to improve the next one. There is no bad rating when you use the info to make things better for everyone on your team!

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