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An ecosystem for business growth

Oct 4, 2023

Bloom, like many companies, consists of many complex moving parts. Managing these moving parts can prove to be difficult. Bloom’s ecosystem for growth seamlessly unifies even the most complex business models—here’s how it’s done.

Make people your priority.

Don’t take our word for it—try it and see what happens. When you put your people first, you’ll find that success closely follows. It’s the binding agent in our ecosystem—the single most important part of what we do. Without our people, Bloom wouldn’t be where we are today or have near as much promise for the future as we do. It may be tempting to skip this part—but we encourage you to really sit with this one. Consider how your company culture affects every single employee. Then, think of how those employees affect your goals. Happy employees are usually more engaged, motivated, and productive. Unhappy employees? Just the opposite.

Run better meetings.

Did you know that 71% of managers think that meetings are unproductive and ineffective? We knew that meetings needed help—and that statistic from Harvard Business Review proves it. Our fully-customizable meeting agenda helps businesses run better meetings. Now, over 100,000 meetings are run on Bloom every week. Are you running your meetings like this?

Infographic on how to run better meetings with Bloom Growth

Measure your success.

Measuring your success is not only part of a successful meeting but a necessary practice for growing your business. To measure your success, you need to monitor your growth. Know where you’re starting, communicate where you want to go, and track your progress along the way. Bloom integrates goals and metrics right into our software to keep the entire team on the same page. It’s an easy and effective way to keep track of your goals.

Optimize your workflows.

We’re big cheerleaders of the “smarter not harder” methodology—it’s all about optimization! A healthy ecosystem provides a way for everyone to organize what there is to do and an easy-to-follow way to solve issues. Bloom’s ecosystem offers three ways to optimize your workflow:

  1. Create to-dos from practically anywhere—during a meeting, while in your workspace, or while you’re out and about (using the text a to-do feature.)
  2. Add issues (e.g., opportunities or obstacles) to your weekly meeting throughout  the week or drop an issue down during the meeting to discuss how to solve for it.
  3. Integrate Bloom with Zapier to automate your tasks.

With Bloom’s built-in optimization tools at your fingertips, your workflows won’t know what hit them.

Promote transparency.

Don’t let the iceberg of ignorance sink your company like the Titanic. Keeping all of your teams, from entry level workers to c-level leadership, on the same page promotes a healthier ecosystem for growth. Transparency in this context means sharing relevant, helpful information. We do this by keeping the business organization chart, business plan, relevant documents, and business processes in one easy-to-access space with our app.

Adopt the ecosystem that will help your business flourish.


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