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Way for franchisors to optimize workflows

Nov 1, 2023

Communication and collaboration of teams within franchise organizations are complex with many moving parts. Franchise owners encounter many obstacles day-to-day, but one obstacle that can be improved upon is optimizing workflows with a solution like Bloom Growth.

Three ways franchises can optimize workflows with Bloom Growth

Time is our most valuable commodity because no amount of effort or advancements can make more of it. That’s why making the most of your time is so important. Franchises require consistency from the top-down, which makes optimizing workflows essential for growth. Here are three ways that Bloom can help maximize your time and effort to reach your business objectives.


While the task of managing to-dos may seem simple, orchestrating the completion can be complex without the right tools. Within Bloom’s app, managing to-dos couldn’t be simpler. Add to-dos to any weekly meeting from your dashboard, while out running errands by using Text-a-To-Do™, or during your weekly meeting—anywhere and anytime. To-dos keep your workflows on track by assigning the to-dos to the accountable person and issuing a due-date so there are no misunderstandings on when the task should be completed. Better yet—the assignee receives email reminders of the to-dos coming due.


Open communication lends itself to faster, more effective problem solving. Adding issues to your weekly meeting ensures that franchisors and franchisees can discuss opportunities and obstacles that they have identified throughout their week. During weekly meetings, these issues are discussed, and if they aren’t solved, you can assign to-dos so that the issues are addressed—not forgotten. By being intentional when it comes to issues, your team uses their time to focus on the most important issues and spend less time trying to find what still needs done.

Zapier integration

Automating recurring tasks allows your entire team to work smarter—not harder. Regardless which programs you’re working with, there are usually ways you can optimize them. Check out which Zapier integrations are available to see how using Bloom in tandem with your existing programs can open doors to optimization.

Interested to know more about the impact Bloom can make with a franchisor/franchisee relationship? Take a look at our HorsePower Brands case study at the link below.

How HorsePower Brands optimized their workflows

Established in 2019, HorsePower Brands leveraged Bloom Growth as a solution for their franchise from day one, seeking to effectively manage and collaborate with their franchisees. CEO Tony Hulbert shared just how indispensable the business management tools available with Bloom Growth are to their success. “We believe that Bloom Growth is one of the unique differentiators that allows our franchisees to be better business owners and to keep their businesses operating efficiently,” says Tony. “You run a better business when you deal with issues, you’re on task, and accountabilities are tracked using a software such as Bloom Growth.” Interested to know more about the impact Bloom can make with a franchisor/franchisee relationship? You can read more on our HorsePower Brands case study.


Ready to optimize workflows like HorsePower Brands did with Bloom Growth?


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