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Elevation Association finds the consistency needed for expansion with Bloom Growth


Written by
Cassandra Icenhour

7 min read

January 17, 2024


Company name
Elevation Association

Interviewee name and job title:
Ryan Passey, managing partner at Elevation Association

Ryan Passey and his two co-founders at Elevation Association—Dr. Jared Hill and Dr. Dan Nelson—are on a mission to help other dentists achieve their personal and professional goals. At the outset of Elevation Association, they found themselves successful, a validating triumph. But as they grew, they began to notice some growing pains. They assessed the source of those challenges and discovered that they needed a solution that would provide consistency to their clients. With the goals that they had as an organization, the solution had to be scalable, too. Enter Bloom Growth—the ecosystem for growth™ that meets the needs of a growing organization like Elevation Association.

Symptoms indicated that the company’s growing pains were rooted in data access, communication, and consistency

Elevation Association was doing what most businesses only ever dream of doing—growing. Making progress was important to them, but not at the expense of providing subpar value to their clients. They noticed that they would gain some momentum, but then lose it. Why was that?

Consistency. Access. Communication. Their team wasn’t working on the same platform and had trouble accessing necessary information. Ryan said,

“As our company grew, it became difficult to keep all the information in one place so that we could help the offices with their unique, individual issues, and roles that we were dealing with.”


Positive results inspired Elevation Association to explore Bloom Growth.

Dr. Jared Hill had a unique introduction to Bloom Growth. One day when Jared was talking about some business methods he wanted to implement, he was in the company of two of his sister-in-laws who are both users of Bloom Growth. Because it had already worked for both of their businesses, they recommended that he should look into Bloom Growth.

Fast forward—they invited Jared’s sister-in-laws to demonstrate how Bloom Growth worked for their businesses. They walked them through a weekly meeting—how it worked and helped keep things organized. 

After seeing that Bloom Growth’s tools could be used to implement almost any business operating system, “system-agnostic,” they were convinced that it would be the ideal solution for Elevation Association—especially since Jared’s family had already seen the value firsthand.

What was it like implementing Bloom Growth?

Implementing Bloom’s ecosystem at Elevation Association was a smooth process. They were able to put everything that they had—like important documents and goals—into one place (the Bloom Growth app) and begin their work.

“It’s a simple software—plug-and-play. Being able to organize and keep things in Bloom Growth is pretty simple. For us, it was building out individual scorecards and the different goals for the dental practices. The implementation went pretty smooth. We put everything we had in one place and worked from there.”

Bloom Growth provided Elevation Association with the tools they needed for consistency.

Before implementing Bloom Growth, Elevation Association had multiple spreadsheets and documents that they struggled to keep organized and accessible for their clients. With Bloom, they were able to consolidate everything into one platform which helped them get organized and connected, providing their clients with the access they needed. 

As a result, communication to their clients became simpler and more consistent, allowing them to make the progress they’d wanted all along. 

Customization allows for unique measures of success.

“Bloom Growth makes it really easy to identify what each individual practice owner wants to accomplish and helps us work towards those long-term goals. That’s how we measure success—helping our clients accomplish their dreams and goals.”

Unique clients call for unique measurements. Elevation Association bases their success as an organization on the goals of their individual clients—not a specific KPI. That’s because each client may have vastly different goals—from adding more dental practices to working fewer hours with the same amount of production volume. With Bloom, they are able to modify metrics on their scorecards on a client-by-client basis, meeting their individual needs. 

Bloom Growth provides a scalable solution for growing businesses.

“Bloom Growth makes it really easy to identify what each individual practice owner wants to accomplish and helps us work towards those long-term goals. That’s how we measure success—helping our clients accomplish their dreams and goals.”

Bloom Growth is an ecosystem for growth, and while the “jobs to be done” may look different for each organization, what remains consistent is the scalable, all-in-one solution that Bloom provides for each individual client. Here are some of the ways you can claim consistency, just like Elevation Association:

  • Run better weekly meetings with structured, customizable agendas. With a clear picture of what there is to discuss, team members can come prepared and accomplish more.
  • Easily measure success with completely customizable goals and metrics built into the app. Both are displayed during weekly meetings but accessible in your workspace so that everyone is always clear on where you’re at. 
  • To-dos help keep your team on track by organizing to-dos by the task owner and assigning a due date to keep everyone accountable. The result? Less confusion and more clarity.  
  • During meetings, leveraging the issues segment creates new opportunities to solve problems or discuss new ideas. Whether it’s a proposal for a continuing education event on the tropical sands of Hawaii or sending your new client a welcome gift, this time is the most important.
  • Promote transparency and keep the entire team organized with access to the business plan and docs. With everyone literally on the same page, teams are aligned, more efficient, and thereby more productive.

Optimize your workday through automation with the Zapier integration. Connect with your favorite platforms like Microsoft, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and hundreds of others.

It all starts with a vision and goals.

At the outset of new client relationships, Elevation Association helps their clients define what their vision is—getting all of their goals and dreams documented into one place in Bloom, not in a nebulous form (like swirling around in their head.) 

From there, they put a plan in motion to accomplish those goals. Using Bloom’s ecosystem makes all the difference, from documenting their vision in the business plan to seeing where people are at during weekly meetings—like checking in on quarterly goals, to-dos, and discussing or solving issues that come up.

“Bloom Growth has been super beneficial for us to work with those clients and provide them a system to reach their goals and help us keep them accountable.”

Businesses get positive results by using Bloom Growth.

After implementing Bloom Growth, the clients at Elevation Association are seeing the results that they are after. Bloom Growth helps keep everyone on track with accountabilities built into the app. 

Ryan and his team realize the importance of a system like Bloom Growth to help guide their clients to reaching their goals.

“Some of the businesses have been able to double their volume in a fairly small amount of time, others have been able to take more time off or have a better quality of life. Then some have been able to enjoy work much better because they feel more organized and get their team on board with what’s going on—they’re not showing up and going through the motions, but they are working towards a goal or objective.”

Their business growth makes way for humanitarian work.

At the time of this interview, Elevation Association was getting ready to leave for Africa to establish a few dental clinics in remote villages. Their desire? Having the opportunity to create a lasting impact and really give back. Even some of their clients had the opportunity to join in the humanitarian work.

Ryan said that the humanitarian work that they do is possible in part by using Bloom Growth. The app helps their business create new possibilities—a core value emphasized by Bloom Growth. So as Elevation Association continues to grow, the opportunities to give back grow with them. 

Why does Elevation Association recommend that other organizations should use Bloom Growth?

Elevation Association finds the Bloom Growth app to be interactive and simple. They believe it allows their team to work on their business and keep things really organized. Ryan suggested that if any business struggles with organization or prioritization, that they should strongly consider a solution like Bloom Growth.

“Whenever anyone in our business comes up with an issue, instead of them just coming up with ‘I’ve got this problem. You need to fix it right now’, we can say, ‘Put it on the issues list, and we’ll prioritize it. Then, we’ll work on it.’”

They feel like it’s given everyone on the team the opportunity to express if they are struggling with something or if they have an issue—all because they are communicating on the same platform.

“Bloom Growth has given everyone a voice at the table which has been great for us.”

About Elevation Association

Dr. Hill and Dr. Nelson were successful dental practitioners, but they felt compelled to accomplish more—to do more with their personal lives. When they met Ryan Passey who had over 25 years of business management experience, they saw the opportunity to elevate their practice—and that’s just what they did. Because of that success, a new door was opened to pursue other personal and professional interests—namely the mission of Elevation Association. As practitioners themselves, they knew all too well the feelings of frustration, being stuck, wanting to grow, and having no bandwidth to do anything about it. Elevation Association was created to help facilitate other dentists in achieving their personal and professional goals. They exist to elevate dental practices and assist dentists as leaders to live the life they want, all while helping them leave a lasting legacy that matters.


It’s time to discover how Bloom can help your business create new possibilities.